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Advanced Engineering Technology and Application (AETA) provides a forum to scientists, researchers, engineers and academicians to share their ideas and research in the field of engineering technology as well as its applications. AETA is a high-quality double-blind refereed journal. AETAJ is also a multidisciplinary research journal that serves as a forum for individuals in the field to publish their research efforts as well as for interested readers to acquire latest development information in the field. AETA facilitate communication and networking among researchers and engineers in a period where considerable changes are taking place in technology innovation. It provides a medium for exchanging scientific research and technological achievements accomplished by the international community.

Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, Summer and Autumn 2012 

3. Network planning framework using genetic algorithms: a review

Pages 19-26

Hafiz Muhammad Mudassir; Aihab Khan; Waqas Haider

5. From Governance to e-Governance: A Way Forward

Pages 35-44

Waqar Siddique; Muhammad Naeem Ahmed Khan

6. Eliminating Effect of Complement Cluster

Pages 45-55

Zahra Rezaei; Sajad Parvin; Mirsaeid Hosseini Shirvani

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